All of our products are digital products/software. The following refund policy applies for our products:

  1. You will get free 10 day trial of Smarter Stock upon installation on any computer. Within the trial period you can make decision to purchase a license for the software or uninstall it from your computer.
  2. You can choose any of our packages and license duration to continue using the software. Once you purchase a license the payment amount you paid is non-refundable. You can either continue using the software until the license period is over or you can discontinue using it.
  3. If you purchase a license and we are unable to make sure you can install the software on your computer and activate the license, we will issue you a full refund. That is why we encourage you to install the software on your computer first, then go for a license purchase option.
  4. Any SMS Alert recharges or Online Share Trading platform paid packages are non-refundable.