Smarter Stock

Powerful Technical and Fundamental analysis software with real-time market data for DSE & CSE.


Modern technical analysis with real-time data

Smarter Stock gives you more than 50 technical indicators to help you find the right time to buy & sell any share. You can do the market analysis yourself and save your technical drawings. You can also feed market data to AmiBroker in real-time.

Rich fundamental analysis tool with up-to-date company data and charts.

Don't waste your time visiting different websites to find out various companies' financial data. We give you unparalleled fundamental analysis data and charts of more than 25 years, beautifully presented in a single software.

Monitor real-time market movement with high-precision minute charts.

Every minute is important in the stock market during trading hour. A spike in volume at any time can indicate a market move. Powerful minute charts of Smarter Stock will not let you miss any single opportunity.

Quickly identify which shares will be profitable for trading based on popular technical indicators.

Pattern scanner quickly scans all listed companies for trading opportunities and save your time researching hundreds of companies.
Our customers love us because we provide world class customer support and a complete solution to do share business smartly.

Get SMS alert when a company's share hits your target price.

It is not possible for monitoring the market all the time when you have any work. But let not the opportunity be missed. Activate SMS alert to monitor the market.

We provide real-time and historical data for both DSE & CSE

Chittagong Stock Exchange is the second stock market of Bangladesh. If you trade with CSE we have all the tools and data ready for you.

Smarter Stock presents you beautiful dashboards for monitoring multiple companies at a time.

Smarter Stock dashboard is a powerful and unique feature. You can monitor Minute Price, Market Price, Buy/Sell order book, Technical Graph, Your portfolio all at a time for multiple companies in a single multi-tabbed dashboard. You can arrange individual boxes as you want, and save it for viewing later.

You will fall in love with our rich Portfolio management feature.

You can monitor your real-time portfolio in Smarter Stock. If you want to know what your monthly and yearly profit is, or on which share you made the most money, then there is no alternative of Smarter Stock.

See why thousands of investors, brokerage houses, and institutional investors love Smarter Stock.


Leading organizations in Bangladesh are using Smarter Stock for making their investment decisions.

We have thousands of customers including brokerage houses, financial institutions, doctors, engineers, lawyers, private and government officials, defense officers, businessmen, students, housewives & retired persons.