As a user of Smarter Stock/EcoSoftBD Online Share Trading platform or other EcoSoftBD IT Ltd. products you must agree with the following terms & conditions:

  1. You are not authorized to sell this Software or any Data or Screen Shot of it without explicit permission from EcoSoftBD IT Ltd.
  2. EcoSoftBD IT Ltd. will not be responsible for any loss of your Stock/Share Business although you can make decision based on data provided in Smarter Stock.
  3. We do not guarantee of providing 100% accurate and on-time data. However, EcoSoftBD IT will try the best to provide accurate data.
  4. You are supposed to inform us as soon as you see any inconsistency of data.
  5. All data of the Software is not Real-Time, Which data is Real-Time and which data is not Real-Time are mentioned in the corresponding Forms.
  6. All Buy/Sell signals shown in the Software is purely based on world-known established international mathematical formula and technical analysis. Make your Buy/Sell decision based on these signals at your own risk. We recommend you to make your decision based on Fundamental and Technical Analysis by yourself.
  7. Most stock market related data is quoted from So practically there should not be any difference in data between the website and Smarter Stock, if you update the latest data and Software Version.
  8. All data availability is subject to availability of If the website is down, we cannot provide you any data unless it is up. However, some data is available from our data server.
  9. You must pay the agreed yearly Service Charge/License Fee to get continuous data service.
  10. EcoSoftBD IT Ltd. may change the yearly charge or the Software price anytime based on local inflation rate or any other government charge/TAX imposed or to be able to accommodate necessary expenses to continue the service.
  11. EcoSoftBD IT Ltd. is not obliged to provide you any free or paid training for using Smarter Stock or installing it. However, necessary help is included in the Software in both English and Bengali.
  12. EcoSoftBD IT Ltd. will not be liable for any damage of your computer if any kind of Virus attacks the Software and spread by residing in this. We guarantee that our Software is completely virus free although some Antivirus Programs may show you warning while installing or running the Software.
  13. Smarter Stock software & EcoSoftBD Online Share Trading platform are entirely designed & developed by Engr. Sowkot Osman (B. Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering, BUET; Masters in IT, The University of Sydney, Australia). Hence, this software is an asset of and owned by Engr. Sowkot Osman. EcoSoftBD IT Ltd. is the authorized distributor of Smarter Stock with written permission from Engr. Sowkot Osman. EcoSoftBD IT Ltd. is responsible for sales and support of Smarter Stock only.
  14. One license of Smarter Stock is valid for one computer only. As a user you cannot share your account with other people.
  15. You cannot share your EcoSoftBD Online Share Trading & Market Analysis Portal account credentials with other users. EcoSoftBD IT Ltd. has the rights to terminate/block your account if multiple people use the same account credentials.
  16. EcoSoftBD IT Ltd. has the complete right to change these Terms & Conditions.